We are highly professional team of scientists, Engineers and Technicians working to improve the scientific capabilities of our motherland. We are highly trained, Experienced, Skilled and hard working. Our Moto is: Think————> Research——–> Design———-> Develop——–> Test————>   We are available 24/7 for your assistance. Please feel free for any inquiry! […]

What is ARL

Allied Research Labs is one of the most advanced facility in Pakistan. Our key roles in Science and Technology are: Research & Innovation Development Engineering Lab Equipment Power Generation Advanced Solar System Advanced Security Systems Medical Equipment   Industrial Solution Computer Games Telecommunication Equipment Education Engineering Projects Consultancy Services Repair […]

What We Do

Allied Research Labs (ARL) is world-renowned Research Lab in Engineering and Technology, Manufacturing, Innovation, Engineering Teaching/Lab Equipment and Defense Equipment.   Our brands continue to excel in meeting customer needs together under the umbrella of Allied Research Labs (ARL), a Organization/company with over ten years’ experience in the field of […]

Allied Research Labs