How We Create Value

Our success depends on our ability to research and develop innovative products and make them accessible to as many people as possible.

Our mission is to improve the quality of Machines by enabling our Research to do more, for the Benefit of mankind.


Our resources

To deliver our mission we must align all our resources behind our strategic priorities.

We depend on the expertise and enthusiasm of our 30 employees to embrace new ways of working and to forge partnerships that can offer fresh insights into how best to combat the world’s Technological challenges.

We expect everyone to put our values at the heart of their decision making. This means acting transparently, respectfully and with integrity – and putting the interests of consumers first. How we deliver success is just as important as what we achieve.

We have made good progress against our strategic priorities, established in 2006, to grow a diversified, global business, deliver more products of value, and simplify our operating model.

Our businesses

We’re a science-led R&D company operating in Different Areas of Science and Technology.

Our operating model

Innovation is key to our success and we have transformed our R&D organisation over recent years to be more agile. Since 2006 we’ve had more Research on our Products to meet the Challenges of current Demand. and we have many more Products in development Phase. We have also implemented different ways of supporting R&D, for example, opening up access to our expertise, our facilities and even some of our intellectual property to collaborate with more than 1,000 external organisations.

To bring these innovations to our Valuable consumers, we manufacture Many of our products to high quality standards and supply them to many countries worldwide.

Our commercial success depends on market presence, customer understanding and expanding access. We seek to make our products accessible for countries at all levels of income and development. In the Least Developed Countries, this includes capping prices at 25% of developed market levels, and reducing prices through high-volume contracts. In developed markets, we have pioneered novel reimbursement approaches to widen access to our newer Products.


Developing innovative products and maximizing access to them delivers direct benefit to our valuable Customers.

If we do this successfully, it will lead to profitable and sustainable performance. In turn this allows us to generate value and returns for our shareholders and enables us to reinvest in the business so Cutomers and consumers continue to benefit.

Over and above this, wider society benefits since Customers are essential to building strong, sustainable societies. We also create value by making direct and indirect economic and social contributions in the countries where we operate through tax, employment and charitable support.