Instrumentation & Measurements Trainer

Model = EET-600-003A

Level = Advanced


Instruments & Measurements Trainer (Advanced)

I. Overview

This training set include various of Various  Basic & Advanced Level Instruments, Its Application, and basic terminology, PMMC, Bridges, Analogue and Digital Instruments, Calibration, Sensors, Actuators, Transducers, Indicating, Recording, Integrating Instruments, Signal Generators, Flow meters, Voltage, Current, Power, Energy, Ohm, Weight, RPM, Flow, Temperature, Frequency, P.F, Distance, Speed, Torque and many Other Measurements Including Various More Circuits, students can be familiar with various types of Circuits,  Problem, Electrical Connections, Instrumentation Circuit Design Practicals and Principle, and knowledge through training and experiments. This Trainer has Built-In Modules for Different Experiments. This Advanced Level Trainer has state of the Art Software including training and so many other features.

It is suitable for students in vocational schools, technical schools, Diploma Colleges, Engineering colleges/Universities.

II. Technical parameter

1)  Input power:            Single Phase 220V±10% 50Hz

2)  Dimension:               2500mm×1500mm×500mm

3)  Whole capacity:        <1000VA

4)  Weight:                     <50kg

5)  Work environment:   25℃)

       Relative humidity:      <85%

III. Feature

(1) Training workbench use aluminum column/Clyding Sheet structure frame, it include meter box and power box to test and measure technical parameter, it is easy to use and it is not easy to be broken.

(2)Equipped with all Basic Electrical Equipment, students can make combination of wiring, and finish many training contents and experiments.

(3)Training workbench has high safety system.

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