Compressible Flow Unit (MODEL ME-FM-1253E-R)

ARL’s 1253E versatile apparatus, based around a variable-speed air compressor, designed to teach the concepts of compressible flow. The basic unit contains everything required to demonstrate the fundamental principles,  containing a number of interchangeable test sections to give a wider knowledge and understanding to the student.

  • A bench top unit designed to demonstrate and teach the fundamentals of compressible flow to engineering students
  • Fitted with a single-stage, side-channel blower
  • Complete with convergent-divergent duct capable of achieving Mach 1 velocity at the throat
  • Advanced torque-vector speed control of blower motor with electronic torque measurement
  • Four electronic pressure sensors
  • Test section made from clear acrylic
  • Additional test sections available complete with bench top stand
  • Compressor test accessory available
  • Data Acquisition software and electronic temperature sensors
  • Variable-speed air compressor with accurate electronic speed control
  • Electronic pressure sensors
  • Standard unit includes convergent-divergent duct designed to produce Mach 1 velocity at the throat
  • Data Acquisition

The1253E equipment comprises a single-stage air compressor, complete with a test section and a throttling valve, plus an electronics console containing the necessary controls and instrumentation.

The single-stage compressor is driven by an integral three-phase AC motor. The compressor speed can be varied using an advanced torque-vector frequency inverter, which gives stable and accurate speed control plus direct electronic read-out of the torque produced by the motor. The compressor is fitted with an outlet duct incorporating a throttling valve, which allows the flow to be varied independent from compressor speed.

The 1253E equipment is supplied with a convergent-divergent test section, fitted at the compressor inlet, designed to produce Mach-1 velocity at the throat. The duct is fabricated from clear acrylic, enabling the student to see the construction and the profiles. A pressure-sensing ring tapping is provided at the inlet, at the throat and at the discharge end of the diffuser. This duct allows all the major concepts of compressible flow to be demonstrated.

The electronics console includes two high-range and two low-range differential pressure sensors plus a control for motor speed and displays for the compressor speed, the pressures and the motor torque.

220-240V / 1ph / 50Hz, 6A

EquipmentGross weightVolume
Compressor speed:3,300rpm (max)
No. Stages:1
Motor Power:0.55kW
Sensors:+/- 103.4kPa 1 off
+/- 34kPa 1 off
+/- 1744Pa 2 off


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