Energy Losses in Bends and Fittings (MODEL ME-FM-1290E-R)

The ARL’s 1290E accessory permits losses in different bends, a sudden contraction, sudden enlargement and a typical control valve to be demonstrated. Also Available with Digital Instrumentation.

  • Circuit with four bends of different radii
  • Enlargement, contraction and gate valve, plus flow-control valve
  • Manometer board with 12 tubes plus differential pressure gauge
  • Hand pump for pressurisation of manometers
  • Quick-release fitting for easy connection to Hydraulics Bench

The 1290E equipment is mounted on a free-standing framework, which supports the test pipework and instrumentation. The following typical pipe fittings are incorporated for study: miter bend, 90° elbow, swept bends (large and small radius), sudden contraction and sudden enlargement. All are instrumented with upstream and downstream pressure tapping. These tapping are connected to a bank of 12 water manometer tubes, mounted on the framework. Pressurization of the manometers is facilitated by a hand pump. A gate valve is used to control the flow rate.

A separate gate valve is instrumented with upstream and downstream pressure tapping, which are connected to a differential gauge on the edge of the framework. The unit stands on the working top of the Hydraulics Bench, which is also used as the source of water supply.

Pipe diameter:19.48mm
Differential pressure gauge:0-3 bar
Enlargement diameter:26.2mm
Contraction diameter:19.48mm
Fittings:-45° mitre
-short bend
-large bend
Manometer range:0-440mm
Number of manometer tubes:12
Differential manometers:6
  • Measuring the losses in the devices related to flow rate and calculating loss coefficients related to velocity head
  • Comparing the pressure drop across each device

Hydraulics Bench

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