Energy Losses in Pipes (MODEL ME-FM-1282E-R)

The ARL’s 1282E Energy Losses in pipes equipment enables the pressure drop of water passing through a hydraulically smooth circular pipe to be measured in detail and the pipe friction equation to be verified.

  • Vertical test pipe with pressure tappings at entry and exit
  • Feed either direct from Hydraulics Bench or from constant head tank
  • Water and mercury manometers supplied as standard
  • Quick-release fitting for easy connection to Hydraulics Bench
  • Educational software available as an option

The Energy Losses in Pipes accessory consists of a test pipe, orientated vertically on the side of the equipment, which may be fed directly from the Hydraulics Bench supply or, alternatively, from the integral constant head tank.

These sources provide high or low flow rates which may be controlled by a valve at the discharge end of the test pipe. Head loss between two tapping points in the test pipe is measured using two manometers, a water over mercury manometer for large pressure differentials and a pressurised water manometer for small pressure differentials.

Excess water discharging from the constant head tank is returned to the sump tank of the Hydraulics Bench. Adjustable feet permit leveling.

Diameter of test pipe:3.0mm
Length of test pipe:760mm
Distance between pressure tapping points:500mm
Range of mercury manometer:500mm
Range of water manometer:500mm
Measuring cylinder capacity:1000ml
  • Investigating the variation of friction head along a circular pipe with the mean flow velocity in the pipe
  • Investigating the effects of laminar and turbulent flow regimes

Hydraulics Bench

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