Francis Turbine Apparatus (MODEL ME-FM-1300E/1301E/1302E-R)

The ARL’s 1300E/1301E/1302E Francis turbine provides a simple low-cost introduction to the Francis inward flow reaction turbine showing its construction, operation and performance.

It Utilizes Digital Instrumentation with High Quality and Precision, along with State of the ART Data Acquisition System with Data Logging, Graphs and Other Measuring Tools. 

  • Francis runner surrounded by six guide vanes inside PVC volute with clear acrylic front panel for visualisation
  • Guide vanes adjustable when turbine is running with scale to indicate degree of opening and clamp to prevent movement
  • Francis runner 40/60/100mm diameter with 12 blades
  • Digital Precise Instrumentation
  • Inlet pressure gauge with range 0-2 bar
  • Determining the operating characteristics, ie power, efficiency and torque, of a Francis Turbine at various speeds and guide vane openings

A tapering, spiral-shaped volute conveys water to the runner via a ring of guide vanes that are adjustable in angle to vary the flow through the turbine. Water enters the runner tangentially at the periphery, flows radially inward through the blades toward the hub then exits axially via a draft tube.

Power generated by the turbine is absorbed by a Electrical Generator in all Models, Prony Brake Unit is also Available on per Customer Demand. The load on the turbine is varied by Digital Control System, which increases the Load on the System to evaluate its parameters and Performance. 

Speed range:0-4000 rpm
Diameter of Francis runner:40/60/100mm
Number of blades on runner:12
Number of guide vanes:6, adjustable from fully open to fully closed
Load:Electrical Type
Range of Bourdon gauge:0-2 bar

220V~ Single Phase 50Hz

Water Connection



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