Osborne Reynolds' Demonstration (MODEL ME-FM-1285E-R)

The ARL’s 1285E item is intended to reproduce the classic experiments conducted by Professor Osborne Reynolds concerning the nature of laminar and turbulent flow.

  • Vertical test section fed from header tank with stilling media
  • Bellmouth entry to promote smooth flow into the test section
  • Dye injection system enables flow visualisation
  • Quick-release fitting for easy connection to Hydraulics Bench

The 1285E equipment operates in a vertical orientation. A header tank containing stilling media provides a constant head of water through a bell-mouth entry to the flow visualization pipe. Flow through this pipe is regulated using a control valve at the discharge end. The flow rate of water through the pipe can be measured using the volumetric tank (or measuring cylinder) of the Hydraulics Bench. Velocity of the water can therefore be determined to enable calculation of Reynolds’ number.

The equipment uses a similar dye injection technique to that of Reynolds’ original apparatus to enable observation of flow conditions.

Test pipe diameter:10.0mm
Length of test pipe:700mm
Dye reservoir capacity:0.45l
  • Reproducing the classic experiments conducted by Professor Osborne Reynolds concerning fluid flow condition
  • Observing the laminar, transitional, turbulent flow and velocity profile

Hydraulics Bench

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