Centrifugal Fan Demonstration Apparatus (MODEL ME-FM-1322E-R)

The  ARL’s 1322E centrifugal fan Apparatus is a radial flow machine, which produces the necessary pressure to move gas by the centrifugal force built up inside the fan casing. The design of the fan blade has a primary influence on performance.

These types of fans are usually employed for ventilating duties requiring a somewhat higher delivery pressure than that available from axial fans.

  • The 1322E small-scale centrifugal fan demonstration unit, comprising of an inlet duct, the fan,
    an outlet duct and an adjustable aperture, all mounted on a stainless steel base
  • Equipped with electronic measurement sensors for fan head pressure, flow rate (via orifice plate) and air temperature
  • Transparent cover plate on fan volute for visibility
  • Supplied with two different, easily interchangeable impellers
  • The State of the ART Data Acquisition System is used to measure and evaluate Sensors Data.
  • Measurement of constant-speed machine performance in terms of static and total pressures, rotor speed and motor shaft power, as a function of inlet flow
  • Measurement of fan efficiency and estimation of impeller power efficiency
  • Measurement of performance at constant speeds
  • Introduction to similarity laws for scale-up
  • Comparison of student calculations with computer results

A motor driven centrifugal fan, mounted on a stainless steel plinth. Transparent air inlet and air outlet ducts enable the fan volute and the impellor to be clearly observed. A manually operated adjustable aperture allows the air flow rate to be varied at constant fan speed. A calibrated orifice plate is used on the discharge to measure the air flow rate.

Interchangeable backward and forward-curved blade impellers are provided, to facilitate direct comparison between their respective operating characteristics and to demonstrate to which duties each is best suited.

Electronic sensors measure the pressure head developed across the fan, the pressure across the orifice plate (and hence the flow rate) and the air temperature.

The fan speed is accurately controlled by an advanced electronic VFD inverter. This inverter also calculates the torque produced at the motor drive shaft, allowing the power used by the fan to be derived. 

Max flow rate:75 l/s typical
Max head:0.8kPa
Max fan speed:3,000rpm
Motor power rating:650W

This Equipment is produced with state of the ART Data Acquisition system. The DAS works Automatically to evaluate the Measuring data according to the change in air speed.

Gross weight:80kg
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