Centrifugal Pump Apparatus (MODEL ME-FM-1320E-R)

The ARL’s 1320E centrifugal pump is the machine most commonly used to move liquids from one place to another. As such it is a particularly instructive unit that introduces students to the whole subject of rotodynamic fluid machines.

Discovering the relationship between head, flow, rotational speed and power provides a framework of general applicability. For example, matching the required duty point to the conditions of maximum energy efficiency may be explored as a creative student project.

  • The 1320E centrifugal pump demonstration unit, comprising of a water reservoir, the pump, control valves and interconnecting pipework all mounted on a stainless steel Structure
  • Equipped with Digital electronic measurement sensors for pump head pressure, suction,
    flow rate and water temperature
  • Transparent pump volute for visibility
  • Also Available with ARL’s State of the art Data Acquisition System. With Complete Data Logging, Graphs and Analysis
  • Supplied with software providing full instructions for setting up, operating, calibrating and performing the teaching exercises. Facilities for logging, processing and displaying data graphically
  • Demonstration of a single-stage centrifugal water pump in operation
  • Measurement of constant-speed pump performance, including production of characteristic curves:
    – Pump total head
    – Motor shaft power
    – Impeller speed
    – Pump efficiency
  • Introduction to pump speed laws
  • Investigation of impeller styles
  • Comparison of student calculations with computer results

A motor-driven centrifugal pump, mounted on a stainless steel plinth with a water reservoir and pipework for continuous circulation. The pump volute and the water reservoir are manufactured from clear acrylic for maximum visibility. Similarly the pipe runs are made from transparent PVC. Manually operated valves at the pump inlet and outlet allow control of the flow and also facilitate the study of suction effects.

The pump volute has been designed so that the impeller can be easily accessed and replaced without tools. The 1320E is delivered with two impellers, one with forward-curved blades and one with backward-curved blades, allowing the students to investigate the effects of impeller characteristics.

Electronic sensors measure the pump inlet pressure, the pump outlet pressure, the flow rate and the water temperature.

Max flow rate:2 l/s typical
Max head:9.5m
Max pump speed:1,500rpm
Motor power rating:450W

The Data Acquisition Kit Automatically Analysis the Measurements and plots graphs and shows digital values on the software. This Equipment is also Available with Conventional Measurement  Instruments without Data Acquisition. 

Gross weight:80kg
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