Multi Pump Test RIG (MODEL ME-FM-1245E-R)

The ARL’s 1245E Multi-pump Test Rig has been designed to demonstrate the operating characteristics (head flow curves and efficiency) of a series of different types of pumps, each having a broadly similar input power.

The rig can accommodate both rotodynamic and positive displacement pumps, and is supplied with the most common example of each type as standard (ie a centrifugal pump and a gear pump). A range of other pump types are available as accessories, (including axial, turbine, flexible impeller, diaphragm and plunger, plus a second centrifugal pump for series/parallel demonstrations). Up to four pumps can be accommodated simultaneously within the rig for use within a single laboratory period, and each can be run without disconnecting any pipework or connections. Further pumps can also be easily interchanged.

This new system benefits from electronic instrumentation, control and data logging using a PC  and the use of a sensor less vector drive to accurately determine the torque provided by the drive motors.

As an option, the unit can be fitted with two identical centrifugal pumps to enable simple series/parallel pump configurations to be demonstrated.