The name of ARL has become synonymous with toil, hardwork, endurance and perseverance which resulted in growth, success and prosperity for the Company.

The Company, which was established to bring different engineering disciplines under one roof, has come a long way during the last 10 years of its existence. The journey of success and struggle continued with new achievements during the year with the Company scaling new heights while compensating for its loopholes and mistakes.

ARL has attained the status of a leader in Multiple Fields of Engineering/R&D through a long struggle but retaining this position was even more challenging. It required an even harder struggle which ARL went through with panache and elegance. A lowdown of the progress depicts a brilliant upsurge in the current year’s business. 

        The increase in business was made possible due to ARL’s concerted and consistent policies to get good projects. The efficiency and effectiveness of ARL’s aggressive marketing are evident from the fact that it won more than 70 percent Tenders through open competition. 

Social thinker John Ruskin has rightly said that quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. ARL always strives to take practical steps to achieve best quality by enhancing its expertise through guidance and training. During the year, ARL arranged various professional and management training programmes in PAKISTAN, 

Workforce is the show window of a Company and ARL regards its employees as its great asset. As the volume of work increases, ARL raises its staff strength to carry out its operations in a more effective manner. The current strength of ARL staff stands at 52, including professionals and technical experts in various engineering disciplines.

Quality has always been taken a great care at ARL. This is achieved through attaining the ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) of ARL as well as continuously upgrading the quality of our services.

As part of the QMS implementation, the Internal Quality Audit (IQA) Programme was issued for various ARL Divisions/Offices for the year 2017 in advance to monitor implementation of the QMS on design and Development supervision-related activities.


Though the Previous Years was brilliant, yet ARL could not bank upon past successes. It believes in moving forward and constantly looking for the greener pastures. Efforts are being made to explore new business in the Middle East and  Africa. Not only that, ARL has also started focusing on the South East Asia Region, particularly Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam for possible business acquisition. It is refreshing to note that clients of ARL are satisfied with the Company’s cost-cutting and up-to-date services, yet more efforts are required to win new clients. May Allah PAK reward us with the courage and valour to succeed in all of our endeavors.