Heat Transfer Apparatus (MODEL ME-HT-909E-R)

The ARL’s HT-909E is a computer-controlled service unit. It provides a wide range of demonstrations into the modes of heat transfer, factors that affect heat transfer, and some of the associated problems.

The Apparatus is produce by using State of the ART Data Acquisition System for detailed analysis of the Experiment.

  • A benchtop service unit designed to interface to a range of heat transfer Modules
  • Provides a variable, stabilised 0-24V DC supply to the heater of the heat transfer accessory, with a current capability of 9 amp
  • Provides a drive signal for a proportioning solenoid valve used for flow control
  • Provides a control signal to a variable speed blower used for generating airflow
  • 10 temperature inputs and conditioning circuits for K-type thermocouples:
    – 9 off, 0-133°C, resolution <0.1°C
    – 1 off, 0-500°C, resolution <0.15°C
  • Instrumentation inputs for heater voltage, heater current, air flow, water flow, radiation and light meter
  • State of the Art Data Acquisition system for detailed Data Analysis

The 909E Equipment is housed in a high Quality Heat module for heat transfer experiments. It provides control outputs to the accessories, and instrumentation inputs from the accessories.

  • A stabilized, variable DC supply to the heater of the heat transfer accessory under evaluation
  • Drive to flow-regulation valves
  • Drive to the variable-speed air blowers 
Inputs and Instrumentation:
  • Temperatures: (up to 10 off, dependent on accessory being used
  • Heater voltage
  • Heater current
  • Heat radiated
  • Light radiated
  • Air velocity
  • Cooling water flowrate
Mod-A:230V1ph50Hz5 amp
Gross weight:45kg
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